Welcome to RUNLIN

We are professional telecom sealed cold shrink tube manufacturer.
Our main product is cold shrink tube and easy supporting removable plastic core pipe.
It is using for antenna sealed, coaxial cable sealed, electrical telecom sealed, power sealed, comcast, bts sealed, GSM antenna sealed. jumper cable sealed, jumper cable and feeder on GSM antenna end weather proof, tower weather proof.

Cold Shrink Tubings

Runlin gsm cold shrink tubing
Our cold shrink tubing are standard and can be customized according to customer's requirements. With laser printing equipment good for OEM.

Supporting Removable Plastic Core

Supporting Removable Plastic Core
The new machine shop, we can offer 2.4 million supporting removable plastic core tubes every month.

See what the silicone rubber are

It's better to use silicone rubber in power sector, oil field! Welcome to buy Cold Shrink Tubings of Runlin. This video is about the silicone rubber.