About Us

About Us

Rely on our self-developed machine, we can not only supply high quality products to customers, but also ensure the lead time. Especially the cold shrink tube, have been passed the random test of Wuhan High Voltage Research Institute. Now our products are approved by more and more customers, and our brand “RUNLIN” becomes more and more popular.At the time of technology’s rapid development, our products has been approved by more and more customers, and at the same time, our company are developing rapidly and stably and becomes a new star in this field.

In order to develop rapidly and stably, we will continue to focus on research and keep a good communication with customers, to be your most reliable supplier in this field.

Factory View

about us plastic support belt making machine
8 sets

Plastic support belt making machine

silicone rubber pipe making machine
3 sets

Silicone rubber pipe making machine

pipe expanding machine
15 sets

Pipe expanding machine

about us ultrasonic spot welding plastic support belt(pipe)
30 sets

Ultrasonic spot welding plastic support belt machine

Factory Prolificacy