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September 30, 2016
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October 31, 2016


What is Material of Silicone Rubber?


Silicone rubber material is a kind of stable performance of polymer materials, still remain its strength and elasticity in the temperature 300℃ and 90℃ below zero. Silicone rubber has good electrical insulation, oxygen aging resistance, light aging resistance and mildew resistance, chemical stability, etc. Because of the excellent performance, the silicone rubber in the modern electric power, medical, military and so on has wide and important application.



In recent years, our company successfully used cold shrink technology to develop many kinds of silicone rubber products of electric power application, which provides security assurance for electricity transmission, control of our country.

The advantage of cold shrink technology

Simple and fast installation, no need special tools or heat,  Safe and reliable;

Has lasting radial pressure to the cable itself, keep the same “breathing” with the cable ;

Good seal water proofing, to ensure long-term reliable running.


Silicone rubber cold shrink product features


Used cold shrink technology:

A full range of products all used the most advanced cold shrink technology, no need special tools or heat, just pull out the core when installation, the elastomer will be shrinkable quickly to tighten the installed position.



Insulation and reliable:

All raw materials are import, the silicone rubber has good insulation and high recovery of elasticity, always after installation will not produce by cable runtime respiration electric breakdown. electric breakdown won’t happen due to cable running after installation.


Tight sealing:

All products uses special sealant to connect all parts, realize the whole sealing, to prevent and avoid accidents because of atmospheric environment.


Simple installation:

No need heat,  Safe and reliable, save time and effort; A model can be used for the multiple cable diameter; Complete Supporting Facilities, No need special tools, fast installation; cold shrink self-recovery technologies, install easily .


Widely used:

Fouling resistance, ageing resistance, good hydrophobic, superior cold resistant performance, especially suitable for high altitude, cold areas, damp areas, salt fog areas and heavy pollution areas. No need open fire when installation, especially suitable for oil refinery, chemical, mining and other flammable and explosive place.


Advanced equipment:

Using imported equipment, high degree of automation, reliable in performance.


Attractive appearance:

The cold tube longer without joint line. Smooth and beautiful appearance.

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