Environmental requirements for the cable head production
September 30, 2016
How to setup high voltage cable accessory
September 30, 2016

shrink bands

The high voltage cable accessory adopts imported high elastic transparent liquid silicone rubber to precast, it is easy for products test. Adopting strengthened stress cone structure, increases the end seal effect, reduces deformation of the stress cone under expansion condition. Adopting composite expansion technology, can make the accessory cold installation fast, reduces installation time and improve production installation quality.

rail way station use cold shrink tubes.


The high voltage cable can make cable shielded layer insulated and direct-connected according to customer??s requirements. Conductor in cable connector adopts hex stamper crimped by fixed ton, small contact resistance, has strong mechanic strength, meet the requirements of circuit normal run and short run fully.



The high voltage cable accessory directly connects middle connector, adopts whole precast structure, coordinating with the outer diameter of cable insulation, one side is bigger than 3mm and interfacial pressure is bigger than 2MPa, can make sure insulation surface has enough pressing force. Cable insulation middle connector adopts brass shell and PRF waterproof shell double seal structure, fill normal temperature solid waterproof stabilizing compositions in waterproof shell, has good waterproof function, meanwhile, PRF waterproof shell has strong mechanic strength, can realize the same insulation as cable outer protector and bear some impact effect of mechanic external force

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