The advantage of Heat shrinkable cable accessories
September 30, 2016
High voltage cable accessories has the waterproof function
September 30, 2016

cold shrink tubing antenna sealed tubing

10kv cable head production must be under the condition of good weather, dry air, ?construction site should be clean without dust flying or scraps of paper.
Requirement for the cable: 10kv cable appearance should be neat and without damage, and insulation resistance and DC withstand voltage test, after the test qualified can be carried out. For a moratorium on the production of cable head should use sealant to sealing!

cold shrink tubing gsm general purpose sealed tubing

cold shrink tubing gsm general purpose sealed tubing


Production procedures: (1) to strip outer sheath, armor, and lining layer. Make the Cable alignment, ?wipe up, stripped outer sheath from the installation location to the connecting terminals, keep armor 30 mm, inner sheath 10 mm, and use tie wire or PVC belt winding armor to prevent loose. Copper shield end is used PVC belt to tighten around!

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