The advantage of Heat shrinkable cable accessories
September 30, 2016


Premould cable accessories is generally used silicone rubber and ethylene propylene rubber(EPDM) material, which is mainly used the geometric structure that is stress cone to deal with the stress concentration problem.

Premould cable accessories
Its main advantage is that material good performance, more convenient installation, no need special tools or heat, good elasticity, make the interface performance be improved. It is the main form of low voltage and high voltage cable in recent years. The deficiencies is high demanding to the cable insulation outside diameter size, usually the magnitudeof?interference is in 2 ~ 5 mm (that is, the cable insulation outside diameter should be greater than the inner hole diameter of cable accessories 2 ~ 5 mm), if the magnitude?of?interference is too small, the cable accessories will have problem; but if too large, it is very difficult to install (high technological requirements). Especially the problem of the splice is serious , not only inconvenient for the installation, but also become the trouble spot. Moreover the price is more expensive.

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