Premould cable accessories introduction
September 30, 2016
Environmental requirements for the cable head production
September 30, 2016

Heat shrinkable cable accessories used in 35kv and below voltage levels for crosslinking cable or the middle of the oil filled cable connections and terminal. Waterproof, stress control, shielding, insulation into one product. Compared with the traditional cable accessories, it has small volume, light weight, safe and reliable, easy installation, etc. Products comply with GB11033 standards, and passed the test by Wuhan high voltage research institute of Ministry of Electric Power. The temperature range for long-term use is – 55 ?? ~ 105 ??, aging life can reach 20 years, radial shrinkage ratio ??50%, the longitudinal shrinkage ratio < 5%, the shrinkage temperature is 110 ?? ~ 140 ??.

Heat shrinkable cable accessories adopt a new technology(three seals technology) which make a cable to run more safe and reliable. Three seals that is the outer sheath seal, inner sheath seal and inner insulation sealing on both ends of the tube, totally three seal; Longer insulating tube solved the problem of creepage; Sheath tube is soft and flame retardance.

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